Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday is a new piano ­čÄ╣ composition by composer Peter Sahaidachny. In this work, he advances the use of fluid rhythmic patterns, which can be visualized in the score through the creative use of composite rhythmic meters. While seemingly complex on the page, the auditory interpretation is more organic sounding.

The composition's kaleidoscopic nature works together in rather unique ways. Sight-reading may be a challenge, but there is a strong sense of flow. Technical challenges beyond the interpretation of the meters exist especially in the cascading minimalist sounding dual-hand octave barrages that echo a Listzian flare with minimalist sensibility. Many more layers of discovery await listener and performer alike!

Golden Ratio. Composite meters. Feel rhythm like you've never felt before!

Download the full 15-page piano score ­čÄ╣ Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday®.

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